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Holiday Dangers


The holiday season can create an assortment of dangers for our pets. It is wise to consider these hazards in advance and take appropriate measures to protect your pets.

Christmas decorations are as interesting and attractive to pets as they are to people.  Lights can be most hazardous to puppies and kittens, they often do not know better than to chew on the electrical strand. Chewing on light strands can cause electrical shock, burns, or possibly death.  Be sure to watch pets carefully or place strands where they cannot be chewed on. Plastic, metal or glass ornaments or decorations can look like toys to our pets.  Glass ornaments can break easily and may cut your pets feet, or mouth, or internally, if swallowed.  Other ornaments may also be swallowed and possibly cause an obstruction in the stomach or intestines.  These items could cause injury or illness serious enough to require surgery. Bows and strings can entangle pets playing with them, and cause serious damage internally if swallowed. 

If you bring your pets along while visiting friends and family be sure somebody is watching them and that they socialize well with resident pets, children and adults. Avoid situations that could lead to fights with other pets or the potential for human bites. Competition for food is a prime source of conflict both with other pets and people.  Delicious food and sweet treats are some things most holiday celebrations have in abundance. Make sure that the food is kept out of the reach of pets.  They are even more likely than us to gorge themselves given the opportunity. Severe digestive disturbances are common if a pet gets too much people food.  This can result in  vomiting or diarrhea and the pet acting sick and uncomfortable, it can lead to pancreatitis which is a more serious condition that requires medical treatment. Remember our pets treasure the offer of the treat, not the size of the treat. After the celebration is over be sure to secure the garbage. Finding discarded food and digging in trash can be more exciting than eating it off the table.

All of us love our pets and want to share in the holiday spirit with them. Use pet toys and treats to keep them entertained and feeling special. It is hard for us to not buy them Christmas treats but they appreciate extra attention just as much as a new toy.  Share your family fun and bond with your pets this holiday season, and keep them safe.  Merry Christmas!